Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds

This environmentally sustainable project was started by the Rotary Club of Flemington/Kensington who collected unwanted playgrounds from councils and schools and then sending them on to disadvantaged schools overseas.

This project started with a single playground that was sent to a school in Sri Lanka, the project has collected over 50 playgrounds from across Victoria. The Rotary Club of Diamond Creek is proud to be a continuing part of this project and to date our club has been instrumental in the dismantling and recycling of a number of playgrounds.

These playgrounds are harvested jointly by RC Prahran and Civilised Constructions, Coburg West harvested by RC Coburg and Arena Gardens, Estrella all by Arena Gardens, Holy Eucharist harvested by RC Keilor East and Arena Gardens. All transported, stored and now delivered by John Arena.

Shradd at Omnitech loaded the playground from Banyule’s Woodlands Park at the Omnitech Factory. This playground was marked up by Arthur Lewin of RC Diamond Creek and Minela Skenderevic of Banyule Council during the lockdown and then harvested transported and stored by Omnitech so that it was not lost to landfill.

During those few weeks, they were loaded along with playgrounds from Macleod Reserve and Ivanhoe Park harvested by RC Ivanhoe and Yellowstone Constructions and delivered by RC Ivanhoe from storage provided by Banyule City Council and three harvested, stored and refurbished by RORP9820 through Wayne Gardens team at RC Mount Martha.

The container was loaded by a team lead by Sam Nicol and a team from RC Yarraville.

We may have be experiencing UNPRECEDENTED TIMES but this has been an UNPRECENDENT EFFORT by so many.