The Forming of a New Club

It was District Governor Brian Bowen, in 1988-1989, who suggested to PP Bob Eycken that Diamond Creek was a community deserving of a Rotary Club.  

Bob was elected to be Chairman of the Membership and Expansion Committee for the Rotary Club of Eltham and he proposed to the Club that Eltham should sponsor this new club. Bob retained that responsibility for three years. 

District Governor Maurice Denson, in 1990-1991, during a visit to the Rotary Club of Eltham mentioned to President Bill Penna that he was keen to see the project succeed. Eltham accepted the challenge in October 1990 an expansion committee consisting of Bob Eycken, Chairman, John McCrohan, Bruce Holland, Paul Gardner, Neil Marshall, Eric Johnson, Dave Sharman, Steve Branwall and Robin Chapple was formed. 


The next few months were spent researching classification and listing potential members. Eventually from a list of 230 names and classifications potential members were invited to attend interest meetings at the Royal Mail Hotel. The first, on 17th of September 1991 was attended by PP Ian Persons as District Governor's Representative for the area. Many of the meetings enjoyed the support of PDG Mike Reiner. 

From that first meeting Martin Chapple, Frank Dick, Micheal Hall, Rob Holland, Lester Harmer and Rick Morrison became members of the provisional club. 

Interest Meetings

Interest meeting continued into 1992 and with a list of more than thirty possible members. The first meeting of the Provisional Rotary Club of Diamond Creek was held on112ty February at Abbey Restaurant. Wednesdays provided inconvenient to many potential members and a change to Tuesday and an earlier meeting time of 6pm for 6:30 proved successful for Charter. 

The club was chartered with 27 members on 3rd June 1992 and the charter was presented on 22nd August 1992 by Past Rotary International President Royce Abbey, Rotary Club of Essendon. The evening was attended by 180 people, Charter members, Officials, Guests, our sponsoring club The Rotary Club of Eltham, ladies and friends. Rotarian John McChrohan was inducted as our Charter President by District Governor Ron Pearce.